Sometimes we wonder what it’d be like if we were famous – -mind you, in our warped minds, we’re total A-listers — and if we’d share personal photos of our kids on Twitter. But Jessica Simpson just shared an adorable picture of her baby girl Maxwell Drew and that seals the deal for us; we’d totally post pictures of our kids solely because we’d hope someone, somewhere, would be writing an article much like this one.

In a tweet today (June 26), the new mom tweeted a simple, “Howdy friends” and posted a picture of her little girl. With Maxwell’s big eyes and pouty lips, she’s giving a then-newborn Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a run for her money in the looks department. Even with the baby’s first, and probably not last, close up shot, we can’t decide if she looks like mom Jess or dad Eric Johnson.

With news of Simpson’s struggles to shed the baby weight, it’s nice to know she’s relishing in the small moments that matter most to new moms. Not like we’d know or anything, but we are looking to fill that void (ahem, Johnny Depp). Based on her tweets and the pictures she’s been sharing, it looks as though she’s as comfortable as ever in her new mommy role. She’s such a cute momma — and her little girl is almost too precious!