Big fan of Jennifer Lawrence? Perhaps you should keep it to yourself.

As part a new "Actors on Actors" interview featured in Variety — in which Lawrence exchanges stories from the celebrity world with Adam Sandler (sure, why not!) — Lawrence says that she is not the type of star to mingle with her legions of fans. In fact, she'll basically tell them to go to hell any chance she gets.

“Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude. I turn into a huge assh---,” Lawrence said. “That’s my only way of defending myself.”

Lawrence added she gets particularly curt when hanging with her pal Amy Schumer because people “just assume they’re your best friend.”

“I take my dog to the park all the time, to Central Park,” she said. “As soon as I meet her in the park, we’re f-----.”

The chat and more "Actors on Actors" talks will air from January 2 to January 4 at 7 PM EST on PBS.

Jennifer Lawrence's Most Perfectly J. Law Quotes:

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