Jay-Z was particularly attentive to his wife Beyonce at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, where she revealed she’s pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The two superstars had dressing rooms next door to one another, and backstage, Jay-Z showed plenty of affection to his wife of three years. A source told Us Weekly, “He yelled, ‘Mmm hmmm, who’s that sexy lady walking down here?’ playing like he was flirting with her. It was so cute.”

The hip-hop mogul was also especially solicitous of Beyonce’s condition. The source added, “He was really taking care of her, asking her how she feels and helping her walk. It was so sweet to see him like that.”

Beyonce’s mother attended to her backstage, while according to the source, Kanye West – who just released ‘Watch the Throne’ with Jay-Z — looked like “the proud uncle” and Lady Gaga visited the mom-to-be in her dressing room frequently to say hello and rub her belly.

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