It's not often you see this man smile, but he grins ear to ear after his trip to Montana.

Montana isn't a stranger to celebrities or athletes. Many famous coaches and players regularly enjoy relaxation or buy a second home in Montana.


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It's the perfect place to escape the crowds and ease your mind. When they visit Montana, they can relax and have fun.

Many athletes like Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Howie Long, and more have spent considerable time in Big Sky Country.

Photo by Maxx via Unsplash
Photo by Maxx via Unsplash

Most celebrities come to Montana to relax, golf, or shred the slopes. It's not often they go out hunting.

Who was hunting in Montana?

One former All-Pro quarterback posted a pic on Instagram of his successful hunting adventures in Montana.

Former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler has enjoyed living the farm life since retiring from the NFL. He loves his farm, his kids, and being a normal dude. He doesn't spend much time on social media and likes to keep his life private.

When he does post, he looks like a regular guy who didn't make over $120 million in his NFL career. Here's his latest post on his adventures in Montana.

Credit: ifjayhadinstagram via Instagram

It's not often you see Jay Cutler crack a smile, but his successful hunting adventure in Montana made him a happy man.

We don't think Jay Cutler will become a regular visitor in Montana. He has a large farm and three kids on the East Coast.

Tennesee Titans v Chicago Bears
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We could see Jay Cutler make regular hunting trips to Montana if he had a good time. He is a man who enjoys the simple things in life.

Who knows who we will see next in Big Sky Country?

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