Montana is considered the "Last Best Place"," and that isn't limited to only humans. It's also a great state for your furry friends. There are plenty of wide-open spaces to run, jump, and play. If you're planning a Montana vacation and are looking for something dog-friendly, here are a few of you best options.

Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots in Montana

One of the hardest parts about planning a vacation is finding someone to watch your animals while you're away. Luckily, Montana is a fantastic state for pets! There are several dog-friendly hotels and businesses throughout the state. Almost every city in Montana has at least one dog park, so you don't have to look hard to find one. Bozeman is considered the most dog-friendly city in Montana, but there are many other places where your pup is welcome.

Montana Vacation

Whether you're for a relaxing lakeside retreat, a beautiful mountain hike, or a historic adventure, there are many dog-friendly Montana vacation spots waiting for you and your furry friend. If you're heading to Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park, your dog must be physically controlled at all times, and pets can only be in developed areas.

Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots in Montana

Want to bring your dog on vacation? Here are Montana's best dog-friendly vacation spots!

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Looking for dog-friendly hotels in Montana? Here's a list of the best in 2024, according to Tripadvisor.

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How to Plan Your Dog-Friendly Montana Vacation

Here's some important advice for planning a dog-friendly vacation in Montana.

  • Find Dog-Friendly Accommodations: Before your trip, look up dog-friendly hotels, cabins, or vacation rentals. You can also learn about any pet fees or restrictions.
  • Plan Ahead: Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and snacks for your dog. Also, bring a leash and plastic bags to clean up waste.
  • Check the Weather: Montana weather can change at any time, and it can snow year-round. Make sure your pet has rain gear!
  • Respect Montana: Clean up after your dog, and respect Montana's public land. Follow leash laws and don't let your dog harass wildlife.

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My two big German Shepherds just hated the Fourth of July. My girl Bella used to run into the bathroom, push the shower curtain aside, and lay down in the tub. My sweet guy Zeus who weighed about 100 pounds would try to get in my lap every time I sat down, or would try to hide in the space between the toilet and the tub!

The dog who likes fireworks probably is a good hunting dog too. But, not mine, and not a lot of other dogs on the Fourth of July. But there are things you can do to help your furry kid get through fireworks season without going totally insane.

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