Montanans love to fish, and many residents use fishing as an affordable way to feed their families. The best way to cook a trout is debatable, but if you're looking for a reliable method that's quick and easy, you need to try this.

What is the Best Way to Cook a Trout in Montana?

Many anglers practice "catch and release," but you don't need a fancy recipe if you plan on keeping the trout you catch for dinner. The best way to cook trout is actually very simple, and doesn't require a lot of ingredients. I learned about the method as a youngster in Boy Scouts and have been using it ever since.

Cooking Trout

It's known as popcorn trout and only requires a piece of tin foil, a little butter, and the seasonings of your choice. I usually add a little salt, pepper, and lemon. Once you've cleaned your fish, place it in the center of a piece of tin foil. Add your ingredients, and wrap it as airtight as possible. You can throw it on the barbecue in your backyard or the campfire. You'll be able to hear the fish cooking and sizzling. Once the tinfoil inflates with steam and expands, the fish is done.

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Cooking fish in foil keeps the juices inside and guarantees that the fish will be tender and full of flavor. Here's a easy recipe to get you started!

The foil wrap technique is also a useful survival technique. You can cook a lot of things in tin foil.

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