It's almost "Fair Season" in Montana which means carnival rides, petting zoos, rodeos, and deep-fried food on a stick!

Fairs are a great way for friends and family to get out and enjoy themselves. Whether it be to see a concert, check out all of the sites and vendors, see what is happening with 4-H, try your luck at winning a stuffed animal, or eat your favorite fair food.

Growing up, one of the best parts of the summer was heading to the local fair. At first, it was with family and then as I got older, I would go with my friends. My "first" job was working at our State Fair making ice cream cones. Let me tell you, there are lots of life lessons learned when you're 14 and working with carnies.

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While most states only have one "State Fair", things are different here in Big Sky Country. The "Official" State Fair takes place in Great Falls from July 26th through August 3rd, however, we also have the Big Sky State Fair in Bozeman and the Montana Fair in Billings. Not to mention there is the Western Montana Fair in Missoula.

Throw in the fact that there are all kinds of local and county fairs, and you have a rather impressive selection.

Of course, for many the big attraction is the food. Folks wait all year long to go and get their favorite fair food and while each region of the country is different, here are the Top 5 Fair Foods according to Montanans.

Montana's Top 5 Favorite Fair Foods

Who doesn't love going to a fair, seeing all the attractions, checking out the sites, and sinking your teeth into something deep-fried? Fair season in Montana and the foods that come with it are a big deal. We asked Montanans what their favorite fair foods were, and they responded.

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