There is some really great news on the horizon. If you loved Coldsmoke Coffeehouse, and were bummed to hear that they were closing, hold your horses, we have some great news!

We still pride ourselves on being a high-volume coffee shop that’s specializes in a small town feel and exceptional quality. We also pride ourselves in being a place that provides space and atmosphere for locals, business owners, and visitors. -Averee

The new owners, Donald and Averee, know exactly how you feel, and instead of sweeping Coldsmoke under the rug and acting like it was never there, they are doing the opposite.

Canva/mukai coffeehouse
Canva/mukai coffeehouse

Meet the new owners and their mission to make Mukai Coffeehouse just as great as Coldsmoke was.

We will still have the same great coffee and friendly faces. We will still be serving all of the loved menu items including our breakfast burritos! We will be adding in new specialty drinks as well as cold brew, nitro cold brew, and matcha. We will also be adding a whole new case full of gluten free and dairy free items that are just divine… so good you can’t tell they are gluten or dairy free. Our cold case is also getting some upgrades like the addition of our overnight oats, chia seed pudding, chicken salad, and chickpea salad. We have heard the desire for more food items and we can’t wait for everyone to try them! -Averee (owner)


There is a grand opening planned for the 11th of September for you to come and check out all of the greatness that will be carried on.

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As far as oiling some squeaky bolts, no worries there, Averee and the crew are listening to the community and the customers and working diligently to enhance some positive improvements.

We have also heard the suggestion for faster drive through service, so we are doing our best to schedule more staff during the busiest hours and have a team on drive and a team for inside orders which will allow for quicker service with the same amazing quality! This means we need lots and lots of workers to cover shifts. We will hire individuals 15 years and older that qualify. We enjoy working with high school and college individuals that want shorter schedules and have school schedules to accommodate. -Averee (owner)

As a lot of us absolutely love and "need" coffee, I can tell you right now, I am super excited to give Mukai Coffeehouse a shot, or two.

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