What is the most insane thing someone has said during a interview

First off, it should be "during AN interview." Secondly, There were some great replies. Like this weirdo who was with former NBA owner Donald Sterling when he was outed as a not-so-good dude.

I started digging for some INSANE quotes uttered by Montanans or quotes about Montana that file under the INSANE category.


Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer said WHAT!?

In 2013, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer appeared on CNN to challenge the raising of the debt ceiling (It's good to see some things haven't changed in the last 10 years... sarcasm). When asked if Democrats would learn how to say yes, Schweitzer came back with an idiom that always makes me cringe.

"Listen, a 6-week delay on this is like kissing your sister."

Don't just read the quote. Watch the video below to get the host's comical response.

NBA Head Coach Phil Jackson said WHAT!?

The Master of Zen has some fire to him. Deer Lodge, Montana's Phil Jackson could show some pure emotion on and off the court. The best quote I stumbled upon was from 2011 in an SBNation article. Jackson isn't a fan of crying...

"This is the NBA: No Boys Allowed. Big boys don't cry. But, if you're going to do it, do it in the toilet where no one can see."

I laughed out loud reading that. Allegedly, some Miami Heat players cried after a loss to Chicago and Jackson wasn't having any of it.

Credit: Ernesto S Ruscio,Getty Images
Credit: Ernesto S Ruscio,Getty Images

Montana actor Dana Carvey said WHAT!?

"I was not in Iron Man 2, but I take a daily iron supplement.

Ok, that's just flat-out funny.

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Montana actor J.K. Simmons said WHAT!?

Ok, ok this is NOT actually J.K. Simmons, but it is one of the roles he played. His role of Fletcher in the movie Whiplash had a billion quotes I could've listed, but here's one of my favorites.

"Get the f*** out of my sight before I demolish you!"

Again, that is NOT J.K. Simmons but a character he played. 

Author Carl Hiaasen said WHAT!?

Carl Hiaasen is not a native Montanan, but in one of his books he has an all-time Montana-based quote.

In his New York Times bestseller Hoot, one of the characters (an owl) says "Disney World is an armpit compared to Montana!"


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Hiaasen w/Craig Ferguson
Credit: Kevin Winter Getty Images

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