WalletHub recently published an interesting survey on education that broke down which schools are the most and least equitable in the nation and right here in Montana.

Survey Details

To determine the rankings for states with the most and least equitable school districts, WalletHub initially evaluated 12,870 school districts across the United States.

They used a two-fold metric system, considering average household income and per-pupil expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools.

For the expenditure metric, they deducted 1 point from a base score of 50 for each district for every 1 percent above the state's expenditure average.

Conversely, for household income, they added 1 point to a base score of 50 for every 1 percent above the state's income average.

The opposite scoring mechanism applied for districts falling 1 percent below the state's averages.

The final score for each district was derived by calculating the absolute difference between the expenditure and household income scores.

Subsequently, districts were ranked based on their total score, with the lowest values indicating the most equitable districts, and these received a rank of 1.

Source: WalletHub

Montana ranks 45th in the nation. 

Source: WalletHub

Here are the top 10 Most Equitable School districts in the state. 

Most Equitable Schools In Montana

1. Laurel Elementary School District

2. Boulder Elementary School District

3. Bigfork High School District

4. Desmet Elementary School District District

5. Stanford K-12 Schools

6. Powell County High School District

7. Frenchtown K-12 Schools

8. Plenty Coups High School District

9. Bozeman High School District

10. Greenfield Elementary School District

Least Equitable Schools In Montana

372. Geyser K-12 Schools

373. Richey High School District

374. Gold Creek Elementary School District

375. Willow Creek High School District

376. Savage High School District

377. Lambert High School District

378. Sand Springs Elementary School District

379. Swan Lake-Salmon Elementary School District

380. Denton High School District

381. Brorson Elementary School District

The Full List Can Be Found Here

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