Eating out can get expensive.

There are lots of reasons to go out to eat, birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations are all great reasons.

You also have plenty of choices in Montana on where you can go, from different cuisines to the amount you are willing to spend.

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When people head out to eat no one expects to be able to eat a meal at a restaurant for less than it would cost to make it at your house.

Besides hopefully better food than you can cook, you are also paying to not have to cook said food, or clean up the mess from the meal.

Keep scrolling to see the 15 most expensive items at Montana's most expensive restaurant 👇

A messy kitchen full of dirty dishes on the counter

Montana has lots of fancy places to eat all across the state; Beef & Bone in Great Falls, Lolo Creek Steak House in Lolo, and Urban Kitchen in Bozeman just to name a few.

That said there is one restaurant the can lay the claim to being the most expensive of restaurants in Montana.

Where is Montana's Most Expensive Restaurant?

The website Love Food set out to find the most expensive restaurant in each state, and in Montana that restaurant in located in Billings.

The outside sign for the restaurant Ten in Billings

TEN at the Northern in Billings

Focusing on regional and seasonal ingredients, TEN which is part of the Northern Hotel is Montana's most expensive restaurant.

Here's what Love Food had to say about them,

...the priciest main is the aged rib-eye steak, a hefty $63 (and extra if you want more than one side or an upgrade of king crab legs, scallops, or foie gras). TEN also serves some more unusual creations, such as its lobster risotto, with arborio rice, leeks, tarragon aïoli, and Parmesan.

Wondering how much a meal here will run you?

Check out the 15 most expensive items with a price listed from the TEN menu. 👇

15 Most Expensive Foods At Montana's Priciest Restaurant

When it comes to expensive restaurants TEN inside the Northern Hotel is Billings tops the list according to Love Food. Here are the 10 most expensive items with a price listed on their menu.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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