The Many Wonderful Lakes Of Montana

Minnesota might have the nickname the “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but it's not like Montana is a dry desert.

In fact, Montana is home to some pretty impressive lakes, and some that can be found at the top of few lists as well.

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While we don't have the 11,842 lakes that reside in Minnesota, in Glacier National Park alone there are almost 1,000 lakes.

That's according to the website Flathead Watershed Sourcebook.

In doing research for this article I found out that Glacier National Park is home to 762 lakes, and only 131 of them have names.

This is my official petition to get one of them named "Nick Northern Lake."

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Lake McDonald Reflections

Fascinating Famous Lakes Of And In Montana

Probably the most famous lake in Montana is Lake McDonald.

This lake is the largest lake in Glacier National Park and it's also famous for being one of the clearest lakes in America.

It's also ALMOST the deepest at 472 feet deep.

Another famous lake in Montana is Flathead Lake, which might be home to the Flathead Monster, Flessie.

What makes Flathead Lake special, is that it is the largest natural body of freshwater in the western United States.

The largest man made lake in Montana is Fort Peck Lake, which also ranks as the 5th biggest in America.

A sign showing you're entering into Fort Peck Lake and Dam

So, What Is The Deepest Lake Here In Montana?

That would be Tally Lake located just about 20 miles west of Whitefish.

Reaching a depth of 492 feet it just surpasses Lake McDonald by 20 feet to become the deepest lake in Montana.

Want to learn about more Montana lakes? Check out the gallery below. 👇

The Top 10 Best Lakes In Montana

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