This city is an unreal place for our furry friends, but we found out there are some limitations. 

The City of Bozeman appears to be an unbelievable place for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Bozeman has several incredible dog parks spread across the city where your dog stretches their legs, runs around, and meets new friends. Plus, there are many fantastic pet stores that your dogs would love to walk around. Bozeman seems like the perfect place for dogs, not entirely. 

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Even though Bozeman is dog friendly in every aspect, there are still some rules and regulations when it deals with our furry buddies. First off, if you have a dog, you must register your pet with the City of Bozeman. This law isn't for dogs only, you must have to register your cats and chickens with the city too. 

Also, all dogs in the City of Bozeman must be on a leash, unless you are in a park that is designated where your dog can be off its leash. Seems reasonable, right? Yes. There is one thing you might not know. If you plan on having more than two dogs in your household, you might have a problem. 

If you love dogs and want to have as many as possible in your home in Bozeman, according to the City of Bozeman, you are allowed two dogs at max per household. That's right, you can have two dogs. If you want to house more than two dogs, you will have to get a kennel license for your house. 

Photo by Camilo Fierro via Unsplash
Photo by Camilo Fierro via Unsplash

That's right! You will have to apply and register for a kennel license if you want to have more than two dogs in your house. That's outrageous, right? I think so. There are many households where people have roommates who all might have dogs. Getting a kennel license seems like a chore and unnecessary. 

Maybe I am wrong though. Do you think Bozeman should lighten the laws when it comes to dogs, or do you think the two-dog max is a good rule? 

Let us know. 

For more details on dog laws, check out the City of Bozeman

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