Big Time Rush is a big time pop band and their new track "Windows Down" soounds awfully familiar.  With a guitar riff that starts the track off sounding a whole lot like Blur's "Song 2" and then even followed up with "WoooHooo!"  It sounds too close for me.  What do you think?

If you think Big Time Rush is ripping off Blur's "Song 2" send out this tweet: 'Hey, @BlurOfficial, is @BigTimeRush stealing your music or what?'

Other new KISS music this week is all pretty strong popness.  David Guetta continues to reign over the dance/pop world as he teams up with Breezy and Weezy.  Karmin comes through with a dancey rap track "Hello".


Big Time Rush - "Windows Down"

Compare that with Blur's "Song 2" from 1997...

David Guetta feat. Chris Brown - "I Can Only Imagine"

Karmin - "Hello"