It’s been over a years since we first heard Dr. Dre would spin his Apple connection into semi-autobiographical series Vital Signs, yet – for all its top-shelf casting and orgies – the project seems to have disappeared. Now, star Ian McShane claims the series will arrive in August, in that usual “if Ian McShane says it, it must be true” way.

Erstwhile Deadwood and current American Gods star McShane dropped the tidbit in a Late Night With Seth Meyers interview, claiming the Apple Beats project would arrive in August of this year. In the process, McShane reiterated some of the character details from the semi-autobiographical five-part series, including his own role as Dre’s imagined “Vengeance,” Sam Rockwell’s role as “Ego,” and The Wire star Michael K. Williams as “Negativity.”

Last we heard, music video director Paul Hunter helmed Vital Signs, with Empire co-executive producer and writer Robert Munic having written all episodes. Other reports also listed Mo McCrae in the cast, as well that the series would likely end up distributed over Apple Music.

Apple itself remains notably mum on the project, but will Vital Signs live up to McShane’s August premiere prediction?

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