Writing letters to Santa is a long-time tradition and this year Santa Claus is writing letters back! When letters are dropped off at any local Dino Drop-In location Santa is guaranteed to respond.

Writing a Letter To Santa? Here's What you Need to Do:

  • Drop the letter at Dino Drop-In in Bozeman, Belgrade, or Livingston. (1928 N 22nd Ave #2 in Bozeman, at 203 W. Madison in Belgrade, and at 206 S. 11th in Livingston.)
  • Make sure there is a clear return address.
  • Don't worry about postage. Dino Drop-In is an official partner of the North Pole for 2020 so no postage is necessary.
  • Drop off the letter before December 17th so Santa can respond.
  • Slip the letters into special Santa mailboxes located inside Dino Drop-In's front doors for convenient and contactless delivery.

If you're not familiar, Dino Drop-In is a flexible childcare center aimed to offer a safe and fun learning environment for kids. As on official partner of the North Pole the Founder of Dino Drop-In and Explore Montessori and Academy, Jessica Dehn, stated

The holidays are paramount for creating emotional memories in children, and we are excited to deliver a positive and joyful experience to them, especially this year. 2020 has been a year full of challenge and change for many families, and our hope is that we can deliver some normalcy and excitement to the holiday season, and provide something fun for children to look forward to.

I always looked forward to getting mail when I was a kid, heck even to this day I enjoy getting mail - as long as it's not a bill. Just imagine how much joy a child will experience when they receive a personalized letter from Santa addressed to them!


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