Call me a sucker for nostalgia, but I love history.

I especially love history when it involves food. Here in Montana, we have quite the culinary history, from pasties to legendary steakhouses to one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the country, Montana is pretty eclectic.

Let's be honest, there's something special about a place that a parent or grandparent can take a kid to and tell them how they used to go there when they were young, plus, it's no secret that places with that type of history are few and far between nowadays.

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Lucky for us, we have a few places like that here in Montana. In Helena, there is a very popular Drive-In that has been serving up delicious burgers and other tasty treats since 1948. RB Drive-In is the oldest fast food joint in the state and they're still going strong.

RB Drive-In has all of the classic menu items that you would expect, plus a few things that they're known for, such as the Capitol Burger. The Capitol Burger is a 3-patty burger, with cheese, plus the fixins. They also have a triple-decker grilled cheese, fish and chips, and a kids' menu. Heck, they even have a burger for your dog.

Credit: RB Drive In Via Facebook
Credit: RB Drive-In Via Facebook

Plus, RB Drive-In has ice cream, old-fashioned malts, and floats. Not to mention, you can go old school and make your own soda or phosphate.

RB Drive-In came under new ownership a couple of years ago when a husband and wife noticed the historic restaurant was up for sale when they visited family in Helena on a motorcycle trip.

While RB Drive-In might be the oldest fast-food place in Montana, we still have several other iconic drive-in spots like Mark's In & Out in Livingston, King's Hat in Billings, and Rod's in Havre to name a few.

Credit: KTVH

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