Hilary Duff, Dignified Queen of Metamorphosis, has a new album out called Breathe In. Breathe Out. — her first original studio album in nearly a decade. We like it. A lot. And she's doing that album promo. A lot.

While she's certainly been serving up those sassy, arm swingin' moves for "Sparks" live all over town lately, Hili decided to do us one even better with a surprise acoustic rendition of her Ed Sheeran-penned album track, "Tattoo," which just went live this morning on her VEVO. Backed only by an acoustic guitar player, the "All About You" songstress sweetly croons her heartbreaking post-break up anthem while sitting casually on a porch. Impressively, she sounds exactly as she does on the album version, proving that Hilary's quite capable of carrying a tune outside the recording studio. Really — she sounds so good!

Here's hoping Hil will keep the acoustic rain falling down and waking our dreams over and over again. How about some stripped-down renditions of "Belong," "Brave Heart" or "Night Like This" next? Or...a full-on, glittery "One In A Million" and "Confetti" performance would work, too.

Just keep the Breathe In. Breathe Out. promo coming, Queen Duff!

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