One of the many things to love about Montana is that there is a lot of Montana to love.

Coming in as the 4th largest state in the United States, Montana is covered with mountains, forests, and plains, rivers, lakes, and streams. It is literally an outdoor paradise.

People from all around the world come here to explore our mountains, trails, State and National Parks.  Many of those folks might be first time hikers, or might be hiking alone.  All too often, that results in folks losing their way and getting lost.

Just over the last few months,  a number of people have lost their lives while out hiking and exploring Montana and the region.  It is a reminder that it's good to be prepared and have a backup plan, especially if you're going at it alone.

For even the most trained outdoors person, being lost in the middle of a forest with no cell service can seem like an overwhelming task.  However, this new voicemail hack that's going around on social media looks like a game changer.

If you haven't come a crossed it yet, what they suggest is that you chance your voicemail on your phone to update your situation.  It can be used in multiple situations.  Such as running low on gas, lost in the woods, no phone signal, or a phone that is about to run out of battery.


When you change your voicemail message, it is suggested you give your location, the time and day, and your situation. (if you broke your ankle and can't walk, that would be important to pass along) It is also suggested that you include any details that would be helpful for those that would be looking for you, like "I'm walking towards (insert town or road)"

The best part? If your phone dies or you are out of range for service, the voicemail still works.  This is something that could absolutely save your life and the lives of a whole lot of folks and it is simple to do.

So by all means, pass it along.

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