Might need to take a look and see what they have in stock.

A couple weeks ago, the car rental company Hertz filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and now they have decided to sell many of their cars in their fleet at discount prices.

Hertz Car Rental Company Close To Bankruptcy According To News Reports
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HertzCarSales.com has thousands of cars for sale of all makes and models.

Looking around the website and you can get any make of car. From Buick or Toyota to even high end vehicles from Land Rover or Mercedes-Benz.

Whether you are looking for a truck, minivan, SUV, sedan, or even a cargo van, they have every body style you might be looking for.

From the looks of the website the oldest model of cars they have is 2018 and most of them have really low mileage which is fantastic.

Their isn't a Hertz car dealer in Montana sadly but the closest one is just over four hours away in Salt Lake City and the prices of these vehicles are incredible.

They go as low as $8,900 for a 2018 Nissan Versa with just 42,000 miles on it and that's just a crazy good deal.

You can even get the car delivered to you but that might run you an additional $1,000, so I would just drive down there and pick it up.

This is an incredibly smart move by Hertz, by unloading a lot of their car fleet they can try to recoup some of the money they lost during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are looking to update your car and getting a quality used one, you might want to check out Hertz Car Sales.


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