Did you know you can shave a considerable amount of money off your City of Bozeman water bill?

Thanks to rebates from the City of Bozeman Water Conservation Division, you can save money and water by retrofitting your existing faucets, toilets, showerheads, and sprinkler systems at home - and even get money back in exchange for saving water through high-efficiency fixtures and equipment.

Plus, if your yard is in need of a makeover check out Bozeman’s drought tolerant plant rebate - you can get back up to $200 for your efforts, add a pop of color to your landscape and reduce your outdoor water use!

According to the City of Bozeman Water Conservation website, Bozeman water customers can benefit from making the following upgrades to their indoor water using fixtures and appliances:

- A maximum $250 rebate for high-efficiency toilet replacements
- A maximum $150 rebate for high-efficiency clothes washer replacements
- A maximum $40 rebate for high-efficiency showerhead replacements

The City is also offering free high efficiency faucet aerators, showerheads, and leak repair kits. Just swing by the Water Conservation office at 20 E. Olive to pick up yours while supplies last.

If your sprinkler system needs a spruce up - Bozeman water customers are also eligible for cash rebates on:

- WaterSense Weather Based "Smart" Irrigation Controllers (up to $250 for retrofit projects)
- Rotary sprinkler nozzles (up to $5 off per nozzle, minimum of 5 nozzles)
- Rain Sensors (up to $50)
- Drip Irrigation Equipment (up to $350)
- Drought Tolerant Plants ($100-$200)

This past year people around the country are taking time to upgrade, remodel, and improve their homes, and this spring is no different. Thanks to these programs, you'll be able to reap the benefits of more efficient water usage, lower utility bills, and even rebates back from the City of Bozeman to make valuable, lasting improvements to your property.

For more information, please visit Bozeman Water Conversation's website and download the appropriate forms and get a head start on your 2021 home and business improvement plans!

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