Halsey debuted her latest music video for her new single "Nightmare" to rave reviews from her fans. However, another artist seemingly called her out for copying her previous work.

In now-deleted tweets, Brooke Candy, shared images of eerily similar to a scene in Halsey's music video using red Shibari bondage. Candy said that it was from a performance in 2018, and then later tweeted "She's in last season's sweater, I wore it last season better."

After Candy sent the series of since-deleted tweets, Halsey replied with a tweet sharing, "We almost used Shibari on the tour in 2017 but I killed the idea to save it for when we could really nail it. some of you probably remember this pic from before the tour. inspiration for the nightmare scene."

After Halsey's reply, Candy cleared up rumors that her series of tweets were digs at Halsey via her Instagram stories. "Although these images are eerily similar I don't run my Twitter account and quite frankly don't know why anyone would post this in the first place," she writes. "I didn't invent Shibari and I most certainly am not the first performer to use it...I have no qualms against @iamhalsey." She goes onto say that she has only love for her and encourages her to continue to express herself in a variety of ways.


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