Believe it or not, Halsey accidentally plagiarized herself.

The 25-year-old is having an amazing year so far, with her third studio album Manic becoming the first album in 2020 to go certified RIAA Platinum. She sat down for an interview with Hot Ones that was posted on Thursday (February 27).  The guests on the show eat extremely spicy wings with an increase in hotness in every wing.

The "Graveyard" singer recalled a time when she was accused of plagiarism, little did the accusers know, Halsey, plagiarized herself. "It's so funny, I had a really popular blog on Tumblr back in the day," she explained. "And one of the poems I put on it was ‘You were red, you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.’

She was 18-years-old when she wrote and posted the poem to her blog. "So a couple of years later, it ended up in one of my songs ‘Colors,’" she continued. "People were like ‘you stole that from Tumblr.’ And I was like, ‘I stole it from my Tumblr.’"

"But yeah, it was good. It was a humbling experience," she smiled. "But now I don’t post any of my s--t online until it’s locked and loaded, and submitted to BMI or Universal Publishing or whatever because I’m not trying to get called out."

Halsey's songwriting credits are under her legal name - Ashley Frangipane.

Watch the episode, below.

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