Halsey is getting in the Halloween spirit a little early!

The "Graveyard" singer shared two of her spooky Halloween 2020 looks on Instagram. One costume is an elaborate take on Burton's tragic Corpse Bride character, voiced by Helena Bonham Carter in the 2005 animated movie of the same name.

"It takes my breath away! Well, it would if I had any..." she captioned the image, referencing the character's famous line in the film. Halsey is seen covered in blue makeup, with matching light blue hair complete with a flower crown and wedding dress.

Earlier this week, Halsey showed off her impressive SFX makeup skills with a horrifying and gruesome facial trauma look that she created. "MANIC, but make it horror," she wrote in reference to her latest full-length album.

"Whipped this up this morning," she added, sharing a photo of a (fake) bloody hole where her right eye should be.

Halsey has always been a big fan of Halloween and has even hosted her very own celebrity Halloween party in years past. She typically hosts the annual star-studded affair in Los Angeles. This year she did not announce a party, like due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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