Hailey Baldwin got a "Lover" neck tattoo in the same font as Taylor Swift's latest album, Lover.

The 22-year-old model’s tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, shared a photo of her new ink on Instagram Tuesday (September 3), which fans immediately speculated might be in reference to the "ME!" singer. The tat, located on the left side of Baldwin's neck right underneath her cross, is thin, small and written in cursive.

"Love always wins,” Dr. Woo captioned the post.

Check out Hailey Baldwin's new "Lover" tattoo for yourself, below:

Now, here's a photo of Swift's album cover:

The tattoo and album font are definitely super similar, but the word "lover" is also very common — especially as a term of endearment. So, even though some fans want to believe it was inspired by Swift, Baldwin probably got it as a tribute to her husband, Justin Bieber. The couple will be celebrating their one-year anniversary this month.

Besides, it seems pretty unlikely Baldwin would choose a tattoo inspired by the Lover album after Bieber's public confrontation with the pop star. In July, he defended Scooter Braun after Swift accused the manager of bullying her following his purchase of her former record label, Big Machine.

At the time, Bieber posted a lengthy message on Instagram, in which Baldwin commented "gentleman."

Still, fans are pretty convinced on Twitter...

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