If you had a Sunday Funday yesterday you may be feeling a bit "under the weather" and maybe not all that productive.  Hangovers suck there is no doubt about that, but it seems that everyone has a different cure for them.  Greasy food,  fruit Smoothie, working out or any number of things.

How does Gweneth Paltrow deal with a hang over?  "I take a cold shower in the morning and then I go into the sauna and drink a lot of water throughout the day.  Green tea also helps!"

Ooohhhh so just jump in my sauna and drink water?  How could I have missed that?  Although I will say that timing a hangover to happen on a day that I didn't have to work would be much smarter than throwing caution to the wind on any given weekday, pretending like maybe tomorrow I won't be hung over, so complaining that I don't have a sauna to sweat out my ill feeling is really my own fault.

What's your best hangover cure?