You've seen this cool piece of Bozeman history a thousand times. It's located directly across an intersection from the Emerson Cultural Center in downtown Bozeman. 

...for the bargain price of $2,899,999 WITH a half acre lot...

Considering Bozeman real estate prices these days, it's not that bad of a deal for what you actually get on the property. It's two buildings, after all.

You could enjoy every Lunch on the Lawn from your bedroom if you weren't in the mood to hang out on the Emerson lawn. Heck, I think this is another one of those "I've partied in that building back in the day" things.

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This mansion from 1870 has been divided into 7 separate apartments over many years. There is an additional stand-alone 4 bedroom house next door that is included in the current listing on

  • PRICE: $2,899,999
  • LOT SIZE: 0.55 acre lot
  • ADDRESS: 201 S 3rd Ave, Bozeman, MT
  • PROPERTY TYPE: Multi-Family
  • YEAR BUILT: 1870
Realtor dot com - Emerson property 2 - TOM CLARK with Realestator Group

The property is currently listed with Ton Clark at Realestator Group. According to the official listing on

This is called the Landmark a beautiful Victorian apartment complex that includes an additional 4 bedroom house to the west.

There are 7 units in this grand apartment mansion., with an additional home, for a total of 8 dwelling units, all separately metered.

The units are all rented but way below market value. This 3 story mansion could be converted to a grand home but its highest and best use is as an apartment complex.

The additional home could be split off from the apartment. The property is over a half acre. Own a piece of Bozeman's history.

My own two cents: Although this big, old house sure would look cool fully restored, I hope it remains as many rentals. We're all aware of how difficult and tight the rental market is for the entire would be a shame for us to lose many funky rentals in one spot. THIS place reminds me of 'old Bozeman'.

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