I have honestly been playing it for almost an hour.

Google Maps in the spirit of April Fool's Day decided to have fun with its app. For probably today only you can actually play Ms. Pac Man on real streets in the world and it's fantastic.

So here's how to play. First up open up the app, then on your screen you will have a few options on the side like the picture below.

pac man

You see the pink icon with Ms. Pac Man. Just tap that icon and your Google Maps App will turn into this.

pac man 2

I think this is genius. Honestly Ms. Pac Man is a game that people will play anytime they are in a classic arcade mood and this is a beautiful blend of putting together classic gaming with the best map app in the world. I hope they keep this up for a few days and let everyone enjoy it. I will keep on playing it and I hope you will too. Watch out for the ghosts!

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