Ladies, it's time to take control of your dating life...and dating app. No more Tinder. Bumble makes it so you are the only one who determines who talks to you. Goodbye creepers!

The Tinder co-founder, Whitney Wolfe, created the Bumble app, where women are in charge of the guys who are able to message her.  The concept is similar to Tinder but Wolfe says, "There's this unwritten rule that it's not ladylike, or it's wrong or the guy should go first. The whole thing feels silly and outdated. We wanted to encourage a confident connection. Making the first move, whether the woman is matching with a man or a woman, gives her a boost of confidence right off the bat. It immediately puts her in the driver's seat."

So there you sit with your app open. There's a match. Guys, you can't do anything at this point. Ladies, the ball is in your court! You have 24 hours to spark a conversation. If you do not contact a match within 24 hours, the connection is deleted from the app's history.

Bumble: #taketheleap from Bumble on Vimeo.