Going to the gym is so time-consuming. Plus, it makes us sweaty and we have to take another shower blah blah blah. The problem: We still want a flat stomach. The solution has been found. 


Are you sitting down for this? Good, it's a perfect time to talk to you about your stomach. What is your stomach doing right now? Are you sitting up straight and contracting your abs? Nah, me neither. I actually caught myself not doing it as I'm writing about us not doing it. Oh, the irony.

Let's get our act together.


Grab some string or yarn and wrap it around your waist. Allow a little extra slack so you can tie it in a bow...or a knot. In my case, I'd knot that sucka up so scissors are required to remove it.


This piece of string is the window to a flatter stomach, a stronger core, more abdominal tone and improved posture. Yes, it really is that simple.


There are simple instructions. to the magic. Tie a string (fairly tightly) around your waist. Try pulling in the abdominal muscles and then releasing the contraction by about 50% to find the ideal positioning. The tying part is the toughest part.

Every time you relax your abs or slouch down, that string is going to feel awfully tight. It's an instant reminder that, if your abs aren't on point, you're going to feel uncomfortable.

Wait a second...did you just get taller? That posture looks good on you!

Just in case you want a visual..