Mad Max: Fury Road changed the game when it comes to action cinema, giving us a post-apocalyptic movie that doesn’t skimp on color, fight scenes that are easy for the eye to follow, and a heroine who is more than just a cliched Strong Female Character. Ahead of the one-night-only release of Fury Road’s “Black and Chrome Edition” hitting U.K. theaters, director George Miller gave some insight into how and why he decided to provide an alternate, black and white edition of his movie, and what’s going on with the next one.

In a great interview with The Independent, Miller discussed why he felt a black and white cut of his movie felt more “authentic”:

Way back, when the score for Mad Max 2 was being recorded, the orchestra would play to a high contrast black-and-white slash dupe. This was sacrificial print and a lot cheaper than a colored version. I was struck by how much more ‘iconic’ the images felt – more elemental, abstract and ‘authentic’. Ever since I wanted to see a Mad Max movie in black-and-white.

And how about the follow-up, currently titled Mad Max: The Wasteland?

We dug down deep into the subtext, the backstory of all the characters, and indeed the world…and without really thinking about it, we wrote two other screenplays just as part of the bible of the stories. Somewhere, if the planets align, there will be two other films.

Miller told The Independent that his next film will probably be something “quick and small just to reboot the brain,” and he says he already has a couple of ideas. The bad news is, we probably won’t get to return to Mad Max’s desert for a while. But the good news is, whether it’s about Furiosa’s backstory or another tale focusing on Max Rockatansky himself, our favorite flaming guitar shredding Doof Warrior will definitely be there.

I know who his mother was. I know how it was that a man who is mute and blind survived the apocalypse. I know his story very well! If we get to make another movie, the Doof Warrior will be there!

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