It was released in 2007, but somehow I was completely unaware of the band Galactic's album "Corner to the Block".  Technically Galactic has a funk band label but, as with all awesome musicians, they don't put labels on their music. For good reason.  Corner to the Block isn't a hip-hop album. It's a Galactic album that features hip-hop artists.  Lyrics Born, Mr. Lif, Gift of Gab, Z-Trip and tons more are featured giving an album that would already swing, a pimp limp.

Galactic comes from New Orleans and it's easy to hear the influence with blues, funk, jazz, horns, walking bass, drumming so tight it's loose.  With your headphones on, you'll find yourself gliding through the world with a smile on your face like you know the secret to life.

Don't miss tracks: "The Corner" with Gift of Gab, "What You Need" with Lyrics Born,

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