Flight of the Bumblebee on beer bottles, quickly change the motif of your room, Young girl covers Born This Way, and the Exorcist in 60 seconds...with clay.  Those are the videos today -

--Some artsy group in the Netherlands set up a living room with all-white walls and furniture, then used two video projectors to project images on it.  Basically, it changes how the entire room looks with the flick of a button.

--It's called "3-D projection mapping", and it looks so real it seems fake.

EMBED-Awesome Living Room Furniture Projection - Watch more free videos

Some guy on YouTube does 60-second versions of movies using claymation, and his newest one is for "The Exorcist".  And yes, it has the pea soup scene.

Behind every third video online is a group of brosephs with WAY too much time on their hands.

A kid named GREYSON CHANCE covered the LADY GAGA song "Paparazzi" last year, and the YouTube video racked up nearly 40 million views.  Then the kid got his own record deal.
--And now the same thing could happen to a 10-year-old girl in Winnipeg named MARIA ARAGON.  On Wednesday, she posted a cover version of Gaga's new song, "Born This Way".

--Then Gaga Tweeted about it, saying, quote, "[I] can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music."  After just two days, the video is approaching one million views.