I don't know about you but I'm extremely excited the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin pies are filling ovens, and Halloween is just around the corner. I found some great Halloween themed games online to help you fit even more Halloween spirit into each day. Warning you may waste a large chunk of time after reading this post.

Kids 4-6 Games

These games are great for the younger kids becasue they aren't too scary and are simple enough to cater to novices of video games. But what kids these days are novices really? I lose to them all.

Games at Kaboos.com

6-12 Games

If you're looking for a Mario Kart type racing game this game is just that but you get to be Frankenstien, Dracula, or other ghoulish fellas.

Ghoul Racers

14+ Games

Ever play Angry Birds? They always seem to do seasonal levels but this game developer went even further. Their game, Pro Zombie Golf, is very similar to Angry Birds but instead of launching birds at pigs you hit skulls at zombies! There is blood and destruction of zombies so parents might want to play before letting the little ones jump in.

Do you think you have the sharp shooting skills to protect your escape vehicle from a horde of zombies? In Monster Mowdown 2 you'll either find out or die trying. In between levels you get to purchase more weapons, health and upgrades. It's pretty fun but I'm not sure my coworkers enjoy my incessant clicking while I fend off the attacking monsters.

18+ Games

If you have never played the first Quake now is the perfect time. This nightmarish FPS that dates back to what some call the best year in video game history, 1996, is definitely a game for all gamers to experience. It was one of the pioneers of FPS and was created by the same company that brought you Doom and the recently released XBox 360 game Rage. If you never got a chance to play this game back when it was released, let Halloween come early this year and take a few minutes, if not hundreds, and give Quake a little play time. It's free!

Top Chef is a sick game that allows you to feed celebrities to monsters in the preparation of their choice. But if you choose the wrong celebrity or the wrong cooking method, your customer will not be pleased. I'll admit it's a pretty lame game but I had to include it just for its originality and twisted theme.