We still don’t really know what FOX has in mind for its as-yet-untitled X-Men TV series, but we’re one step closer to finding out. The X-Men universe-set film has an official pilot order at the network, as shepherded by Burn Notice alum Matt Nix.

FOX has confirmed a pilot order after hinting as much during the TCA press tour, though no additional details we’re provided. The focus of the series was said to be “two human parents who discover their children as mutants, forcing them to run from a hostile government, and join with an underground network of mutants to survive.”

The series was said to take place in the universe of the films (potentially including Sentinels as well), though Nix previously doubted any major interaction:

I guess I’d say in a sort of general way it acknowledges that events like the events that have happened in the movies have happened, you know what I mean? But it’s not to date… it’s still evolving. We’ll see how much that comes in. It’s certainly not “Since this happened in X-Men Apocalypse now all of these things are happening!”, which I think is cool, but they already did that. […]

Our bet is still that the “underground network of mutants” refers to the Morlocks of X-Men lore, but what should we expect from a FOX X-Men drama?

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