Let’s say Captain Hook decided to start a side hustle as a handyman. What tool would be the best replacement on his hook hand? A hammer, for sure. A screwdriver would be useful. Maybe a saw? Or a tape measure? Some pliers? There are a lot of valid answers.

NFL legend Bruce Smith did not pick one of those. In a recent appearance on Celebrity Family Feud, Smith was faced with this very question as part of the final Fast Money round. Appearing second, Smith had to come up with literally any answer that made sense besides “hammer,” which was what his teammate had offered. Instead, he said the next most-obvious answer that comes to mind when one imagines Captain Hook as a handyman replacing his hook hand with another tool.

He said “penis.”

That absurdly wrong answer was funny enough — but watch Steve Harvey’s incredulous reaction when he realizes what has transpired:

Steve Harvey being so shocked by a wrong answer that he is incapable of continuing Fast Money is pure cinema. (And he totally called the whole YouTube viral video thing immediately. Good job, Steve Harvey.) I mean, just look at this:


Incredibly, Bruce Smith’s team did win Fast Money in the end, with 236 points. Good job Bruce. And please, whatever you do: Never call me to fix a leaky pipe in your house. Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8PM ET on ABC.

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