I know that when I first was introduced to Facebook I never thought it would be as big as it is now and pretty much control social media. It is so funny how much information and communication we do on Facebook so I thought sharing some stats I found about Facebook in 2010 may be interesting. We all know people and or are people that put their relationship status on Facebook and I found out that in 2010 43.9 million Facebook users changed their status from "in a relationship" to "single". There was 28.5 million who switched to in a relationship and 6 million who put engaged.
There were 2.7 million photos uploaded and more than 7.6 million pages were linked to Facebook every 20 minutes. That is crazy to me! There were also 1.5 million event invitations sent, 1.3 million photos tagged and 4.6 million messages sent every 20 minutes.....
I thought these were just interesting stats and something fun to share and sure enough I am about to link this to Facebook so there you go adding to the statics.
Happy New Year to everyone.