Eddie Murphy marked his return to music today (Sept. 4) by unveiling a new duet with rapper-turned-reggae artist Snoop Lion. The song 'Red Light,' isn't 'Party All the Time,' but it's an upbeat jam nonetheless.

The 52-year-old funnyman caught everyone by surprise when he launched his official Twitter account and tweeted a link to his song via a Soundcloud page.

The reggae-infused ditty features Murphy singing about the social ills of the world and the urgency for peace and love.

"Broken economy, the streets are dire / Even more than before / I need some betterness to take me higher / Feels like I’m gonna blow / Gone are the days when people used to say, 'Everything is alright' / No place to run, now here your karma come / With a knock, knock, knock on your door," he croons.

Snoop Lion follows behind Murphy's cautionary verses with lyrics of encouragement.

"We’ll stay true, and be you / And be up way above with no pushin’ or shovin’ / We can ride, we can roll, we can breathe / We can talk, we can walk, we’ll just stop at the red light," he rap-sings.

'Red Light' will appear on Eddie Murphy's upcoming album '9,' while the official music video for the track will debut Sept. 9.

It's been 20 years since Murphy released an album, so we're glad to see him back. We can't wait to hear what he's bringing to the music scene.

Listen to Eddie Murphy's 'Red Light' Feat. Snoop Lion

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