The Donkey Kong Country franchise has a special place in many a gamers' heart. Though the next entry was pushed from releasing later this year into 2014, Nintendo is keeping us entertained with new footage from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

DKC: Tropical Freeze will be out on the Wii U next year, and in addition to Donkey and Diddy Kong, this sequel will see the return of Dixie. Like her family members, she's got the ability to jump all over the place, but Dixie's also go the ability to use her ponytail like a helicopter rotor to gain an extra boost in the air.

The footage above shows off a bit of a few different stages in Tropical Freeze, but mostly acts as a showcase for Dixie. It's a shame this new entry in the series won't be out this year, as the Wii U could use all the first-party titles it can get to generate some hype (and sales), but the move to delay DKC: Tropical Freeze makes sense. The holiday season is actually full of impressive Nintendo offerings, and having something to release early next year might mean there's less of a chance for release doldrums striking the Wii U fanbase again.