Doctor Who isn’t even beginning the search for Peter Capaldi’s replacement until sometime this summer, but that isn’t stopping overseas betting agencies from attaching major stars to the title role. After some initial oddsmakers’ bets, another agency is placing high odds on not only a female Doctor, but on Tilda Swinton at that.

Mind you, newcomer and Season 11 showrunner Chris Chibnall isn’t expected to formally begin a search for Capaldi’s replacement until the middle of 2017, with a decision arriving sometime in the fall, that hasn’t stopped numerous oddsmakers from suggesting everyone from Ben Whishaw to Billie Piper. According to Entertainment Weekly and British bookmakers Ladbrokes, however, Tilda Swinton now has 7-2 odds to take over the TARDIS.

In addition to Swinton, Love Actually star Kris Marshall has 4-1 odds, with David Tennant’s own Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman netting 5-1 odds. Fleabag and likely Han Solo star Phoebe Waller-Bridge has a 12-1 shot, with others like Maxine Peake, Richard Ayoade and Andrew Buchnan all ranking slightly lower.

For what it’s worth, BBC America president and GM Sarah Barnett was also recently asked about the prospect of a Doctor Who replacement, to which she tellingly referenced David Tennant’s suggestion that Olivia Colman take over the role. The tenth season was recently revealed to premiere on April 15, sending off showrunner Steven Moffat before Capaldi’s own departure/regeneration in the 2017 Christmas special. The eleventh season is expected to start filming in early 2018 with Chibnall and the new actor, and an aim toward premiering next fall.

We’ll hear more soon, but check out the first Season 10 trailer below, and stay tuned.

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