This empire used to be one of the biggest franchises in America? What happened to them? 

If you are a fan of delicious sandwiches, we are lucky here in the Gallatin Valley. There are some fantastic spots to get a sandwich, whether you are looking for a classic small sandwich or a hoagie to fill you up. Many folks also like to go to some national franchises like Jersey Mike'sFirehouse Subs, or even Subway

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One sandwich franchise used to rival Subway and was often seen as a fancier version of the sandwich giant. We are talking about the often forgotten Quizno's Subs. Quizno's Subs was a massive chain during the 2000s and had thousands of locations nationwide, now they are locally owned and are thinly spread out. 

Quizno's Subs gained a reputation for their odd commercials and oven-roasted sandwiches. They were one of my favorite spots to eat when I was in college. Then all of a sudden many of their locations closed due to expanding too fast and had to declare bankruptcy. 

The thing is, Montana still has two Quizno locations in the oddest spots in Montana. These are two of the handful locations in the whole Pacific Northwest. I didn't even know Quizno's still existed in Montana, till my friend told me about it. 

If you are craving some nostalgia and are traveling this summer, you should take a trip down memory lane and grab a sandwich from Quizno's. Their sandwiches are still amazingly delicious. 

For more details, check out Quizno's Subs

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