UPDATE: Demi Lovato is unceremoniously left at the altar in the emotionally devastating video for "Tell Me You Love Me," the title track off her new album.

Watch the clip, up top.

From a bombshell in black to wowing in white, Demi Lovato l looks ready to say "I do" in a new teaser for her "Tell Me You Love Me" video.

The forthcoming treatment, which accompanies Lovato's second single from its eponymous new album, will drop Friday (December 1), and in a sneak peek of the moving ballad's accompanying imagery, Demi stuns in a lacy wedding gown, snuggles up to what appears to be her dream man (Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams!) and, later, joins a choir under the shadow cast by a willow tree.

And did fans go nuts over the preview? THEY INDEED DID.

"This video is going to be a masterpiece i can feel it already," one wrote as a Twitter-response, while another noted "OMG UR LITERALLY GONNA KILL ME WITH THIS DO U WANT ME TO DIEEEEEE I LOVE YOU."

The single that preceded "Tell Me You Love Me," "Sorry Not Sorry," is officially Lovato's highest-charting single of her career, and while Tell Me You Love Me failed to earn any Grammys nominations, it did prove to be a critical hit, earning high praise from even the typically critical Pitchfork

Demi Lovato Is a Bombshell in Black Lace at 2017 MTV VMAs:

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