Demi Lovato is focusing on staying sober and healthy nearly eight months after an accidental overdose.

The 26-year-old remains dedicated to her sobriety, a source told Entertainment Tonight. Lovato has reportedly cut off everyone on her team and started anew following her hospitalization last July. According to the outlet, she's not spending time with anyone who helped "enable" her and is living in a condo near an outpatient facility in Los Angeles.

The source told ET Online it hasn't been easy for Lovato, and she's faced some struggles along the way. Lovato reportedly had to return to an inpatient treatment center for some short stints after she completed her initial stint, but has spent the last 30 days doing well on her own. The outlet reported that she's eager to commit to getting back into music full time, and that dream has been her motivation to stay on the right path. Lovato is excited and inspired by the idea of returning to the stage.

Fans have been hopeful as of late, specifically after learning that the Jonas Brothers would be reuniting, that Lovato would be featured on their tour. Lovato is a longtime friend of Nick Jonas, ET noted. The outlet's source weighed in on speculation, telling the outlet it's not out of the realm of possibility.

"Demi joining the Jonas Brothers is very much a possibility, but nothing is confirmed at the moment," the insider said.

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