"Cash me ousside"-coiner Danielle Bregoli's latest scuffle erupted, unexpectedly, inside...an airplane, that is.

Bregoli, a 13-year-old who was famously featured on Dr. Phil as she confronted her bad behavior, punched a fellow Spirit Airline passenger in the face, according to TMZThe fight began on a plane out of LAX when Bregoli's mother Barbara Ann, who has an injured foot, struggled to put her luggage into the overhead bin. A third ornery passenger evidently began to get impatient, and started becoming aggressive.

Finally, when the third party put her hands around Barbara Ann's throat, Danielle stepped in and cold cocked the woman in the face. The stranger proceeded to perform a citizen's arrest, and the three women were ultimately all escorted off the plane. There were no arrests, TMZ said, and nobody wanted to press charges, but all three have evidently been banned from Spirit for the rest of their lives.

Bregoli proceeded to post an explanation to Facebook in which she said "I only hit her one time." She added that the third party provoked the whole argument, and concluded "She got her ass whooped by a f---ing 13-year-old."

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