Montana has had an issue with accidents and deaths on a particular highway, and we need to figure out some solutions.

Driving in Montana is how many locals and tourists get around to see our state and visit attractions spread throughout the state. Many of these highways are two-way roads, and traffic can get quite dangerous with erratic drivers or people hauling trailers.

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There has been one highway in Montana that has been dangerous for drivers this year and we need to come up with some solutions quickly.

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken via Unsplash
Photo by Clark Van Der Beken via Unsplash

Highway 191 in Montana has become treacherous for all drivers this year. KBZK did a whole article about how the road is the source for folks driving to either Big Sky or West Yellowstone and it's been plagued by terrible accidents in 2023.

Highway 191 sees an average of 9,000 cars daily from locals, workers, and tourists. The increased traffic has been more visible ever since 2020 but it's coming to a breaking point.

Photo by Max Fleischmann via Unsplash
Photo by Max Fleischmann via Unsplash

There has been a significant increase in traffic fatalities on Highway 191 including a local, struck by a semi-truck last week.

This isn't new sadly, the Montana Department of Transportation has seen an increase in traffic fatalities this year and there is no sign of this problem slowing down.

Is there anything we can do? Possibly.

When I was growing up in Polson, Highway 93 was one of the deadliest highways in America due to drunk driving and folks driving irresponsibly. So the state, county, and the Salish & Kootenai Tribe decided to add several passing lanes from Missoula to Polson. They also widened the roads for larger trucks and semis. This allowed drivers to pass safely and cut down on accidents.

Is this something Highway 191 should highly consider? Yes.

Photo by Mark Basarab via Unsplash
Photo by Mark Basarab via Unsplash

Highway 191 could easily add passing lanes or widen the roads from Gallatin Gateway to Big Sky. The only problem the highway would have adding lanes or widening is from Big Sky to Yellowstone National Park due to rivers and space. It would be tough to accomplish.

We should find solutions for Highway 191 because the accidents and fatalities won't disappear soon.

So what do you think we should do to help alleviate the problems on Highway 191? Let us know what you think should happen on the app.

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