It's always interesting to see what outsiders pick on places to eat, travel, or stay in Montana because locals would have different opinions.

Montanans will always have opinions on where to go, eat, and stay when friends or family visit, but some folks who have never been here before might seek answers. Most of the time, tourists will look online at certain publications for advice or tips on what to check out in Montana.

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Most of the time, locals will ignore what someone would say about Montana, but one popular magazine made a list of things to do in Montana, and we had to take a look.

The beloved magazine Cowboy's & Indians made a list of things and places to explore in Montana, and we have to say it's a mixed bag.

The magazine chooses places to see, like Yellowstone National Park. Beartooth Highway and a few of Montana's rivers to enjoy fly fishing. Yellowstone is usually the go-to choice for trip ideas, but we are happy to see Beartooth Highway get some love. Credit: @BarbaraKrushlucki
Credit: @BarbaraKrushlucki

The article also points out places to eat, like Plonk in Missoula, Copper in Bozeman, and Fieldhouse in Billings. The only problem, Fieldhouse in Billings has been closed for a while. Maybe check out a small steakhouse like the Land of Magic or Laughing Horse Lodge.

The real problem in this article is where to stay in Montana. We know it can be a little expensive to stay in Montana, and we are looking for a good deal, but this answer is not it.

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa via Facebook
Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa via Facebook

Cowboys & Indians think the best place to stay is the all-inclusive resorts in Montana. If you don't know, you will pay at least $1,000 a night to stay at these places. They look and seem fantastic, but at that price point is brutal.

If you have the money, these places are great to stay at, but we recommend the historic hotels or a rental to relax and kick back.

For more details, check out Cowboys & Indians.

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