It's a strong possibility that we could see another regional flight coming to Bozeman shortly and the destination is a pretty popular one too.

A brand new regional airline launched today, September 7th and it's sure to be a hit among many folks. Aha! Airlines is based in Nevada and is more specifically based in the Reno/Lake Tahoe region and will offer several flights from the west coast to the popular summer/winter destination of Reno and Lake Tahoe.

The reason why we are talking about this airline is that even though they have announced zero flights in Montana yet, we can only imagine that Bozeman has to be on their potential list of upcoming potential destinations. Think about it, Lake Tahoe/Reno is a bigger version of Bozeman. We both have great outdoor areas like skiing, mountains, and forests. Lake Tahoe/Reno also offers casinos and a big lake, whereas Bozeman offers more small-town luxuries.

Aha! Airlines is in the same vein as Avelo Airlines, which has a service to a smaller regional airport. If you didn't know Avelo Airlines had a flight from Bozeman to Hollywood Burbank's Airport but the flight was terminated last month due to low turnout. The problem with that flight is we have so many direct flights to Los Angeles, it didn't do well.

The thing is, if we got a flight to Lake Tahoe/Reno, that would be a different change of pace from other flights we have at the Bozeman Airport. So we will have to keep an eye on this flight.

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