An interesting new beverage is hitting the shelves, and we have a feeling that the college crowd would love it.

Montana loves its adult beverages. In 2018, Montanans consumed more White Claws per capita than any other state, and Bozeman city leading that statistic. Bozeman folks love White Claws so much that we had a White Claw shortage. Bozeman is clearly the perfect place for this new beverage--so why haven't we seen it on shelves yet?

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While down in Las Vegas this past weekend, I was in a convenience store grabbing a few beers to share with my friends while on Fremont Street and stumbled upon an adult beverage I only heard rumors of its existence. The drink I am referring to is Hard Mountain Dew. 

Mountain Dew has turned their iconic soda drink into an alcoholic beverage. Flavor options include classic Mountain Dew, Baja Blast, Black Cherry, and Watermelon. I bought the Baja Blast flavor to see how it stacks up. If Hard Mountain Dew ever makes it to Montana, we are in trouble. 

Hard Mountain Dew via Facebook
Hard Mountain Dew via Facebook

Hard Mountain Dew tastes like there isn't any alcohol in it, which is a bit scary. These drinks are 5% alcohol and have zero sugar. So they are probably the perfect mixer at parties or a great way to start your night. 

hardmountaindew via Instagram
hardmountaindew via Instagram

So what's the problem? You can't get Hard Mountain Dew in Montana. Hard Mountain Dew is only available in nine states and Las Vegas. Minnesota is the closest place you can buy these adult beverages. 

While we aren't sure why that is, we hope Hard Mountain Dew expands soon and the people of Bozeman and Montana can give these drinks a try. It might end up being the new craze. 

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