The town of Bozeman has been growing so quickly that it is now considered a metropolitan area. With this steady growth, the population of Bozeman has been moving west towards Four Corners due to all the open land available.

So does this mean changes for Four Corners? Not exactly. Four Corners is technically in the Bozeman district, but as the population grows in that direction, it's going to be hard to decipher what's Bozeman and what's Belgrade. It will be a logistical nightmare.


How can this eventual problem be fixed? Well, it's relatively simple. What if Four Corners became an incorporated town? This means Four Corners would become their town, separate from Bozeman. Four Corners would have a city hall, courthouse, and emergency services. 

This move would be a critical change for not only Bozeman but the Four Corners area. Four Corners would essentially have to petition to become a town, then set boundaries that define the town, and finally have some essential planning to build out services for residents. 

Kountry Korner Café via Facebook
Kountry Korner Café via Facebook

Am I saying this is going to happen? Probably not. Becoming an incorporated town is a lengthy and arduous process. Plus, Bozeman wouldn't want to lose their status as a metropolitan city. 

Either way, Four Corners is growing with the population as fast as Bozeman, and that means we will see more developments, businesses, and people around that area. 

Would you support Four Corners becoming a town, or should that area stay within the Bozeman district? 

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