These statistics will be eye-opening and show how much Montana has changed over the past few years.

Many Americans and Montanans know that our state is conservative. Most of the elected positions in the state and national positions are conservative politicians. Many folks move to Montana to escape the big cities and enjoy our ways.

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Here's the thing, Montana might not be as conservative as you might think.

I came across an article from Stacker on the Best Conservative Places To Live in the United States and expected to see several Montana cities or towns on the list.

Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash

After going through the Top 50 Conservative Places to Live in The United States, you will be surprised to learn that there wasn't one Montana town or city on the list.

Most of the towns or cities on the list were in the Midwest. North Dakota and Idaho each had one town made the list, but Montana was nowhere to be found. Why is that?

Stacker used statistics from the Pew Research Center, The Census Bureau, and other groups to see where the most ideologically liked folks lived together. Many of the towns on the list resemble populations and housing prices in small towns across Montana but didn't make the list.

Photo by Dillon Kydd via Unsplash
Photo by Dillon Kydd via Unsplash

What these stats could mean for Montana is the people who have been moving to Montana or living in these areas have changed. There is nothing wrong with being conservative, but maybe people have softened their views on certain political subjects.

On the bright side, maybe we should be thankful there aren't any Montana cities or towns on this list. It will help the problem locals have with transplants moving here.

Either way, let's enjoy Montana and the beauty that surrounds us.

For more details, check out Stacker.

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